How to Respect the Civil Rights of Others

By eHow Contributor

How to Respect the Civil Rights of Others. Civil rights are rights that protect individual citizens of each country and are protected by the government of a nation. These rights are written as a legal document. They include rights like the right to a trial, the right to vote and the right to have freedom of speech. Know your rights and those of the people around you. Follow these tips to respect the civil rights of others.

Know your civil rights. Determine the civil rights in your country. Research the rights people have so you know what to expect and what others should expect.

Treat everyone equally. Show respect and live peacefully. Don't deny anyone a civil right. Do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, class, sex or gender.

Be aware of how others are treated. You can't assume everyone is treated equally. Know the facts. Join a civil liberties group or read articles about civil rights. Look online for articles and facts.

Read your civil laws. Know the details of specific rights. Be clear. Understand the language involved in the laws.

Be proactive. Join a group that helps others. Stand up for others and help people attain their rights. Join an online forum to get more information about protecting civil rights. Talk to others who are already respecting the rights of others.

Educate others; especially our youth. Teach them the laws, the civil rights and the thinking behind the rights. Then live by example. Show young people how to treat others.

Fight for the rights of others, especially those who can't defend themselves. Volunteer to help others or volunteer for civil rights groups in your area.

Become an activist. Help teach the world how to respect the civil rights of others. March for a group whose rights need protecting or join a movement to show your support.