How to Get a Title Insurance License in Florida

By Laura Hoffer
a licensed title insurance agent, Florida
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In the state of Florida, title insurance agents are licensed through the Florida Department of Financial Services. A title agent's duties are to perform the closing for the purchase of a home or property. This can also include preparing and obtaining title searches, examining the title, preparing and issuing title insurance, preparing closing documents, and disbursing funds.

Be a legal resident of the State of Florida, over the age of 18 and a United States citizen or a legal alien with a work authorization from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services to pursue getting a title insurance license in Florida.

Submit an application online (a link is provided in the Resource Section below) and pay a $10 application fee.

Obtain fingerprinting information online (a link is provided in the Resource Section below). If you are a non-resident of Florida, two fingerprinting cards will be mailed to you. If you are a resident, pick the provider in your county. Fingerprints can also be taken at sites on the list marked "Pearson VUE". Click on the green icon to register for fingerprinting and pay the fee of $58.25.

Provide within three years a Letter of Clearance if licensed in another state.

Complete one of the following state exam qualifications within four years of application date: a department approved 40-hour classroom insurance course in title insurance; responsible title insurance duties for at least one year while working for a title agent, agency, insurer or an attorney; at least three completed semester hours of credit in real estate or real property law from an accredited college or university; or as an exemption to the state exam, you must have a letter of clearance stating that you had a title insurance license for at least one year in your previous state of residence and you are applying for a license within 90 days of becoming a Florida state resident.

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