Divorce Requirements in Nevada

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Divorcing in Nevada can be a relatively quick and seamless affair. Although the state imposes certain rules and requirements, they tend to be less severe and restrictive than those in other states. If your divorce is uncontested, you may not even have to appear in court.

Complaint for Divorce

Nevada requires that either you or your spouse reside in the state for six weeks before you can file for a divorce, which is a shorter period of time than in many other states. You can file in the county where you lived while you were married, the county where you currently reside, the one where your spouse lives – or even a county where he might logically be found, such his place of work. You must cite grounds for your divorce, which isn't complicated, as you can claim incompatibility, a year's separation, or that your spouse is insane. The latter requires some stringent proof, so it's rarely used.

Procedural Requirements

As in all states, you must officially serve your spouse with a copy of your divorce complaint in Nevada, but you can do this by simply having him sign an acknowledgment that he received it. If you have children, you must attend a COPE class, which is a parenting class, and file a certificate of completion with the court before it will grant your divorce. You must also resolve issues of custody, support and property division. If you can't agree on a parenting plan, you must attend mediation before the court will rule on custody.


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