What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Emancipated Minor?

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Individuals considered to be minors by law can become medically, legally and financially responsible for themselves through the process of legal emancipation. Once a minor is emancipated, he is largely considered an adult and, as such, is free of parental control. Emancipation can be declared by a judge via petition, or it can be gained when a minor marries or joins the military with final parental consent.

Work and Money

Emancipated minors can apply for work permits. In turn, any money an emancipated minor earns is hers to save, spend or invest as she sees fit. Parents have absolutely no say in the financial affairs of their children.


Once emancipated, minors can live where they choose, whether with friends, significant others, family members or on their own. Because these minors can enter into legally-binding contracts and suits, they may purchase or rent their own apartment or home. They may also sell any property they buy or inherit.


An emancipated minor may choose to enroll (and pay for) any private school he chooses. He may also enroll in any public school, as long as it is part of the school district in which he lives. Regardless of this choice, emancipated minors are still legally obligated to attend school.

Medical Care

Surgeries both elective and critical, as well as family planning and other medical treatment options, are entirely under the directive and autonomy of an emancipated minor.


Because emancipated minors are largely considered "adults," they may practice whatever religion they choose, regardless of the spiritual preferences of their families of origin.


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