Concealed Carry Laws for Non-Residents in Florida

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Thanks to reciprocity laws, licensed non-residents are permitted to carry a concealed weapon in Florida, provided the non-resident's home state affords licensed Florida residents the same privilege. Though there are a few specific limitations that apply to non-residents, Florida laws that pertain to carrying a concealed weapon are similar for residents and non-residents alike.

Age Restriction

You must be at least of the age of 21 to legally carry a concealed weapon as a non-resident civilian in Florida. There are exceptions to the rule, which allow some individuals who are under the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon. These exceptions include individuals who are law enforcement officers, on duty military personnel, United States Attorneys and any other person employed by the United States government that is authorized to make arrests.

Carrying a Valid Conceal Carry License

Non-residents are required to have, maintain and carry a valid conceal carry license for the concealed weapon. If your home state and Florida have a reciprocity agreement, the conceal carry license you obtained in your home state will be honored by the Florida legal system. If at any time you are found to be in possession of a concealed weapon without a license or with an expired license, you will face criminal punishment under Florida law.

Moving into Florida's Jurisdiction

If you are moving from another state to Florida and you have a concealed carry license, you license from your home state will remain valid up to 90 days after you establish your residence in Florida. Again, your home state must have a reciprocity agreement with Florida for you to maintain your concealed carry license for the duration of this period.

Misdemeanor Penalties and Punishments for Violating the Law

If you are caught with a concealed weapon without a license or with an expired license, and that weapon is not a firearm, you will have committed a first degree misdemeanor under Florida law. Punishment for violation of the law includes a fine of up to $1000 and a jail term not to exceed the limit of one year. You will also be responsible for any extra costs you incur for violating the law.

Felony Penalties and Punishments for Violating the Law

If, however, you are caught carrying a concealed firearm without a license or with an expired license, you have committed a felony of the third degree under Florida law. Punishment for this offense includes a fine of up to $5000 and a jail sentence of up to five years, along with any other costs you incur during the court process.



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