How to Confirm a Divorce

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Confirming that you are divorced is just one way to bring closure to a part of your life that is now over. Divorce records allow you to acknowledge that your marriage is over, and that you legally no longer have any obligations to your former spouse. Having your final decree of divorce allows you to remarry if you choose, change your name back to the previous name and legally show the world that you are single.

Step 1

Gather information about the two people who got a divorce. Include their full names, the maiden name of the wife, the date of the divorce, the location where the divorce took place and birth dates of both spouses. This allows the person searching the database to retrieve the correct divorce decree.

Step 2

Go to, call or write the courthouse where the divorce took place. Be prepared to show proof of identity if you request the decree in person. You must answer some identifying questions such as your date of birth and Social Security number if you request the information by phone. Proof of identity such as driver's license number, Social Security number or copy of a picture ID card may be required when requesting a divorce decree by mail.

Step 3

Request a copy of the divorce decree from the court clerk at the courthouse. Pay the fee for a certified copy.

Step 4

Contact the vital records office of the state where the divorce took place. Request a copy of the divorce decree by mail or in person. Processing time, fees and the time for the decree to get to you can vary from state to state.



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