How to File a Separation Agreement in BC

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A separation agreement is a legal document stating that two spouses agree on certain issues leading to a separation and possible divorce. Separation agreements include such topics as child custody or guardianship (if the spouses are legal guardians) and visitation rights. The agreement also can include possible support payments, as well as indicate which spouse will live in the family home and how other assets and property will be distributed. The separation agreement is not necessary to be separated but may provide legal protection in the event of a divorce. In British Columbia, the agreement is filed with the provincial court.

Step 1

Complete a separation agreement with your spouse. Once that is finalized, fill out a consent to file agreement form. This agreement is available from the attorney general of British Columbia website. The link is in the Resources section.

Step 2

Download and complete this consent to file agreement form in its entirety. Fill out the form as directed by writing the names of you and your spouse. Write your address, city and province (British Columbia).

Step 3

Consent to filing these agreements in provincial court and to the enforcement of the agreement. Have the agreement signed and notarized by a commissioner taking affidavits of British Columbia.

Step 4

Take the agreement to be filed in the provincial court. File the form at the provincial court resident registry nearest you. Once filed, the document will be a binding and legal agreement between you and your spouse.


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