How to Fill out an I-130 Form

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Permanent residents or citizens of the United States must fill out an I-130, or Petition for Alien Relative form, from the Department of Homeland Security to establish the relationship between the resident or petitioner and a foreign relative that wishes to enter the United States as an immigrant. Each relative of the petitioner wishing to enter the country must complete the I-130 form, which covers immediate family members including spouses, children brothers, sisters and parents.

Section A of the I-130 form requests information about the relationship between you as petitioner and the foreign relative seeking entrance to the United States. On line 1, check the box that best describes your relationship to the foreign relative. On line 2, mark the Yes or No box to indicate whether you are related by adoption. In line 3, mark the Yes or No box to indicate whether you as the petitioner gained residency in the country through adoption.

Section B of the I-130 form covers personal information about you as the petitioner, including name, address, place and date of birth, and whether you are married, among other items, in lines 1 through 12. If you as the petitioner are a U.S. citizen, fill out lines 13 through 14b.

Section C of the I-130 form covers information about the foreign relative seeking entry to the United States, requiring the same information in lines 1 through 12 as was requested in Section B. Lines 13 through 16 require information about any previous visits by the foreign relative, including dates of the visits, any record of employment, and whether the relative has ever been under immigration proceedings.

Continue filling in Section C of the I-130 form. On line 17, list the spouse and all children of the foreign relative including date and country of birth. List the address at which the foreign relative will be staying in the United States and the relative's address abroad on lines 18 and 19. On line 20, write the name and address of the relative in his or her native language if that language uses a non-roman alphabet. Enter information on lines 21 and 22 if it pertains to the foreign relative.

Enter any information in Section D that applies to your relative or any other relatives for which you are filing an I-130 form. Also indicate whether you have petitioned for this relative on a previous occasion.

Read the "Warning" and "Your Certification," and sign the petition with your name, date and phone number in Section E. If someone else completed the I-130 form for you, that person must sign and date the form in Section F.


  • A PDF file of the I-130 form and an instruction booklet can be downloaded and printed from the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.


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