How to Get an SR-22 Form

Contact insurance companies that provide SR-22 bonds in your state. Some national companies, such as Progressive and The General, provide SR-22 bonds. Locally based insurance companies often provide SR-22 bonds as well. Search for local companies online.

Ask for quotes and compare the pricing. Not all insurance companies charge the same amount for SR-22 bonds, so shop around. Select the insurance company with the cheapest price.

Fill out the necessary forms. The insurance company provides you with all necessary paperwork. If the insurance company is local, make an appointment and visit a representative in person. Take all necessary documents with you, which includes your Social Security card and proof that your license suspension has expired. If the insurance company is not within driving distance, ask to have the forms mailed to you. Mail the forms back to the insurance company, being sure to include copies of the necessary documents.

Accept the SR-22 bond certificate. If the insurance company is local, accept it in person. If the insurance company isn't within driving distance, ask that they mail it to you.

Take the SR-22 bond certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Provide the staff with your SR-22 bond certificate, Social Security card and proof from the court that your driver's license and driving privileges are reinstated. If your license was physically taken away by the court, get a new license at this time.



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