How to Obtain an Acknowledgment of Paternity Form in New York

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Where to Get the Form

If you know that you and your partner want to sign an AOP form, you won’t have to look for one: the staff at the hospital or birthing center should offer it to you when your baby is born. If you want some time to think about it, you can go online later to New York’s child support website. It provides a link for form LDSS-4418 -- the acknowledgment of paternity. You have until your child’s 22nd birthday to complete and file it.

What to Do With the Form

The staff will probably take care of filing the AOP for you If you sign the form in the hospital. Otherwise, take it or mail it to the registrar of the district where your baby’s birth certificate has been filed. The registrar will mail you a certified copy when the AOP has been processed. If you’re in New York City, you can file it with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Someone must witness your signatures on the form and the witness can’t be related to either parent.



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