How to Get Divorce Status Information in California

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Divorce status information in California is a public record; you can find it either online or at the court where the petition was filed.

In the state of California, a waiting period of six months is required from the date an original divorce petition is served on the respondent before a final decree can be issued. You can check the status of your divorce online, by phone or in person. Complex divorce issues and court schedules can cause an even longer wait to finalize the divorce. Divorce cases in California are heard by the Superior Court of the county in which either spouse has lived for at least three months.

Check Your Mail Regularly

Look for notices of scheduled hearings, as well as new motions and orders pertaining to your case. Correspondence regarding your divorce may be sent from the court or an attorney representing your spouse.

Access Your Case Status Online

The court’s website in which the original divorce petition was filed will have your case status. Enter the information requested, such as first and last name or case number, to view pending actions on your case and scheduled hearings. As divorces are public records, they can be searched by most people, although certain private elements may be kept out of the public record.

Contact the Clerk of the County Superior Court

Request status information at the phone number listed on previously received notices. Contact information is also listed on the California Courts website.

Visit the Clerk’s Office

Obtain copies of motions and orders that have been filed that you may not have received yet. Verify that the mailing address on file with the court is current.



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