How to Order Extra Certified Copies of Your Marriage Certificate

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Contact the correct office according to your state laws. Call your county clerk recorder's office to find out if you can obtain certified copies through it; if you cannot, it will provide you with the number of the state health department's vital records office or similar.

Fill out any necessary applications for obtaining a certified marriage license certificate. Some states require this; some don't. Provide the clerk or health department with your name, your spouse's name, your wedding date and the county in which your marriage took place. Provide photo identification, if required. All states allow you to pick up a copy in person, online, through the mail or over the phone or some variation of these methods.

Pay the fee for a marriage license and the additional certificates. The copy your state mails you when your marriage is filed is free. To obtain additional copies, you must pay the state's full price for one certificate and another fee for each additional copy. The fee and acceptable forms of payment differ from state to state and county to county.


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