How Do I Retrieve the Deed to My Property in Detroit

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Deeds are legal documents that outline the owner of a piece of property and the legal description of that property. Deeds are recorded in the county in which the property is located, usually with the Recorder, or Register, of Deeds Office. Retrieving copies of deeds takes little time and usually requires a fee. In Detroit, property deeds are held at the Wayne County Register of Deeds Office. The Wayne County Register of Deeds Office allows property owners to access unofficial copies of deeds on their website and obtain official copies from the office.

Retrieve an unofficial copy of the property deed by conducting a search on the Wayne County Register of Deeds website. Click 'search real estate index' on the left side of the screen. Enter the last name and first name of the grantor or grantee. Choose which to search by, grantor, grantee or both. Select the document type. Click 'search'.

View the document results listing for the name provided. Click on a document number to view the details. Click 'print results' on the details page if you wish to print the document. Select the type of print job as either full list, current page or record number to record number. Complete the contact information screen and select 'local printer' and hit 'next'. View the document to be printed and print.

Retrieve an official copy of a property deed. Mail a letter stating the grantor and grantees names, type of document requested, which would be deed and your contact information. A search will be conducted and you will be contacted regarding the results and document fee.

Mail the letter to:

International Center Bldg.

Wayne County Register of Deeds

400 Monroe-7th Floor

Detroit, MI. 48226-2925



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