Legal Documents to Leave With Your Child When Going on Vacation

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Consent to Medical Treatment

A consent-to-medical-treatment form should be given to the child's caregiver before leaving. The form usually states the dates that you will be away, the name of the child or children, the name of the caregiver and what medical treatment she may consent to in your absence. Have the document notarized.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows the person giving the powers to grant the agent -- the person to whom you give the powers -- general or specific authority to act on your behalf for legal transactions. For example, you may give the caregiver the specific power to write checks if necessary or to sign legal forms for school.


No one wants to think about the possibility of not returning from a vacation; however, tragedies do happen. You should execute a will prior to departing on vacation not only to determine what will happen to your assets but also to indicate whom you wish to be the guardian for your child in the event of your death.


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