How to Obtain a Rebuilt Title

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A rebuilt title indicates that a previously damaged vehicle has been repaired and is now drivable. A rebuilt vehicle is usually considered a salvage; the term "salvage" indicates that damage to the vehicle exceeded the value of the vehicle. This often happens when vehicles are involved in car accidents. Rebuilt titles are sometimes referred to as salvage titles. Many states will allow a salvaged vehicle to be on the road again, as long as it roadworthy.

Complete an application for vehicle title and registration. The form requires the full name and address of the registrant, as well as vehicle information including the VIN, year, make and model. This form is available at your state's motor vehicle office, and sometimes also available online at the office's website.

Submit the application for title and proof of ownership to the department of motor vehicle representative. You may also be required to show your identification. A vehicle title or a bill of sale is often required to prove ownership.

Complete the required vehicle inspections. Many states will require that the VIN on the vehicle be verified by an authorized representative like the sheriff's department. California, for example, also requires the vehicle undergo a brake and light inspection and a smog check, and trucks and pickups must be weighed on a public scale. Wisconsin requires that all parts of the vehicle be inspected to verify that they are not stolen and are in safe operating condition.

Submit all supplemental materials such as the smog certificate, weight certificate and VIN verification to the department of motor vehicle office, and pay all applicable fees. A rebuilt title will be issued if you have passed all required inspections.


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