How to File for Adoption of a Grandchild in a Texas Court

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Adults over the age of 18 may file for the adoption of a child in Texas. The procedures for adoption of a child in Texas are well-established, and apply to all actions for adoption, including those initiated by grandparents. For instance, even if there is a familial relationship between the petitioners and the child, a professional home study must be satisfactorily completed and submitted to the court. Also, the parental rights of both birth parents must be terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily, before an adoption can be granted. Many people choose to represent themselves in uncontested adoptions; however, as with any legal proceeding, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is a good idea.

Obtain the proper legal forms for a Texas Petition for Adoption. Forms can be found on websites such as LegalZoom. Also, law libraries often have form packets available for purchase for people who are choosing to represent themselves. If the local law library does not sell form packets for adoption suits, the librarian will be able to assist in finding the proper forms in legal form books on the library stacks.

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Complete the petition for adoption by filling in all of the required information.

File the completed Petition for Adoption in the district clerk's office at the local Texas court house, and pay the filing fee. Filing fees for adoption suits will vary between the Texas counties. Most district clerk offices in Texas accept payment by check, money order or cashier's check.


  • Even the most friendly of lawsuits can get complicated in an instant. Again, consulting with an experienced family law attorney to help with the adoption process is recommended.


  • If the adoption by grandparents is a voluntary, friendly adoption suit, the completed forms by the parents relinquishing their parental rights can be filed along with the petition for adoption.

    After the petition for adoption is filed, the Texas family court will assign a professional to compile the home study to present to the court. Petitioners are responsible for all fees associated with the home study.


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