How to Find Out If My Husband Has Filed for Divorce

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When people get married, they think they will be together forever, but all too often divorce ends a marriage long before "til death do you part." The process begin when one of the spouses contacts a lawyer and files divorce papers. Often a divorce filing is a surprise to the other spouse, but if you suspect your husband of filing divorce paperwork, there are ways you can find out so that you can be prepared for the court date.

Check your mailbox for a summons. When a person has filed for divorce and a court date has been assigned, the other party must be notified via a summons. The summons can be sent via certified mail or hand-delivered by someone hired by the husband's attorney. This is the final step before the actual court date and must provide 30 days notice so you can find an attorney and be prepared for the initial court hearing.

Call the circuit clerk's office to see if anything has been filed. Divorce filing papers are public documents, and therefore are accessible by contacting the circuit clerk's office. When contacting the clerk's office, give them the name of your husband and they can look up any filing done under his name. If you want to see a copy of the divorce filing, then you will have to visit the clerk's office and request a copy.

Ask your husband. If your marriage is in trouble and you sense that your husband may have filed or is about to file for divorce, sit down and ask him about it. He may say that he already has or plans to soon and then you can both discuss your options, including possibly marriage counseling. A divorce isn't final until the final court ruling formally dissolves the marriage.


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