How to Write a House Sale Bill for Your House

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Selling a house is often a complicated process that involves appraisals, viewings, real estate agents, escrow and lots of money. If you decide to sell your house on your own--which is your right, though you'll still have to deal with your mortgage company separately--you can reduce the red tape and expense by writing your own bill of sale and presenting it for the new owners to sign. By including the right clauses and having it witnessed, the agreement will be as valid as any other.

Write that the contract is being entered into by two parties who are of sound mind and body. Indicate that neither party is being persuaded to make this agreement. You should include the date that the contract is being signed in this introduction.

Write down the value of the house during its most recent appraisal and then write down the amount that the buyers are going to pay you for the house. Write down the details of when they will give you the money. You should include what form of payment they'll have to give you, when the money must be delivered and what will happen if the money isn't received.

Write a clause stating that the buyers have examined the property and are satisfied with it. Indicate that they are purchasing the house "as is" and that anything they find later that displeases them will not be a reason for disputing the contract.

Include a description of your responsibility as the seller. Explain in detail when you will leave the house, what condition you will leave it in, when you will have the utilities transferred, and when the new owners can move in.

Write a clause releasing the yourself from any responsibility to the property beyond what is outlined in the contract.

Sign and date the contract in the presence of a notary and two witnesses. Make copies for yourself, for the mortgage holder, and for the new owners of the home.


  • Consulting a lawyer when preparing a bill of sale for a house is a good idea. A house is a large thing to sell and you won't want to miss anything.


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