How to Fill Out a JDF 1000

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Colorado has "no fault" divorces, which means the reasons why a couple chooses to divorce is not pertinent to the court. Colorado uses the JDF 1000 form in divorce proceedings. It is also known as the case information sheet and must be filed with the JDF 1101 form. The JDF 1000 form requests demographic information on the petitioner, the co-petitioner, also known as the respondent, and information on children, if applicable.

Visit the Colorado State Courts website to access the JDF 1000 form. Select the "District Court" option on the first line.

Enter the name of the county and the court address where you will be filling your divorce petition.

Select the "In re the Marriage of" box. Complete the "Petitioner and Co-Petitioner" fields. The 'Petitioner" is the person who is filing the divorce. The "Co-Petitioner" is the spouse.

Complete the "Attorney or Party Without Attorney" fields. If you have an attorney, enter the attorney's information here. If you do not have an attorney, enter your information and place "N/A" in the "Atty. Reg. #" field.

Complete all fields below the "Case Information Sheet" heading. This information is self-explanatory. Remember, the petitioner is the person who is filing the divorce. If the address and contact information is the same for the petitioner and the co-petitioner, complete this information in both the "Petitioner" and "Co-petitioner" sections.

Enter the names of children, if applicable, in the appropriate fields, along with their genders, dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

Select the appropriate option regarding representation. This form must be notarized. Do not sign it until you are in the presence of a notary public.



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