How to Petition for a Pro Bono Attorney in Family Court

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Family law is a wide purview of civil law that deals with a number of legal issues such as child custody, divorce, adoption and property settlements. Just as district attorney offices oftentimes appoint public defenders to criminal defendants, most district attorney offices and judicial court districts have entire divisions dedicated to family law. Pro bono attorneys (or attorneys who accept cases for free) are appointed in family court. However, a petition requesting pro bono representation must be filed first. The rules for filing a petition may differ slightly from state to state.

Obtain a petition form from the clerk of court office. Tell clerk what you sort of petition you specifically intend to file, in this case a petition for pro bono representation on family court. The clerk will be able to assist you further or provide you with any extra forms the court may require for this petition.

Fill in the petition, including all of your pertinent personal information. If you need to cite a specific law for filing a petition for pro bono representation in family court, but do not know what law to cite, ask a clerk of the court. Also, you may be asked to show financial need. Tax forms, check stubs or proof of unemployment benefits (if you have received unemployment) may be documents you are asked to produce.

Have the petition notarized if necessary. Show picture identification if asked.

File the petition with the clerk of court's office.


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