How Soon After a Divorce in California Can I Get Married Again?

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Getting married again after a divorce is a fresh start, allowing you to put the pain of the past behind you and begin a new relationship. If you are planning a second marriage in California, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

After the Divorce is Finalized

In California, there is no waiting period after a divorce is finalized before you can marry again. Once your divorce is finalized and you have a certified copy of the divorce decree, you are free to remarry at any time.

Waiting Period

When you file for a divorce in California, the final judgment ending the marriage will not be entered until six months after the initial papers are filed. You are not free to remarry until the final judgment is entered. Keep in mind that if you have filed for a legal separation you cannot remarry, as a legal separation does not end a marriage or domestic partnership.

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Marriage License Information

If you have been previously married at any point, when you apply for a new marriage license you will need to provide the specific date the marriage ended and the reason that it ended, such as divorce, death, annulment or nullity.


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