How to Get Copies of Divorce Papers From Louisiana

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People who are divorced often need a copy of their divorce papers after the fact so that they can prove the divorce occurred. Divorce papers also help to prove that you are no longer responsible for the other party's medical or legal expenses because you are no longer married to them. If you get divorced in Louisiana, you can get the paperwork after the divorce is finalized.

Contact the Clerk of Court in the parish where you got the divorce.

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Request a copy of your divorce papers from the Louisiana parish Clerk of Court. This can be completed over the phone, by mailing in a written request, or in person at the Louisiana Parish Clerk of Court office. (See Resource 2 for contact information for each Louisiana Parish Clerk of Court office.)

Pay the fee for your copy of the divorce paperwork. Fees vary from one Louisiana Parish to another. The Clerk of Court will take checks or cash as a form of payment.

Receive the copy of your divorce papers once the Louisiana Parish Clerk of Court has prepared the copy. You will get the divorce papers the same day that you request the papers if you request the paperwork in person. Otherwise you will receive your copies in the postal mail.


  • "Parish" is the word that the state of Louisiana uses instead of "County."



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