Are DUI Charges Removed From Your Record After 7 Years?

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Many people believe that charges of driving under the influence (DUI) disappear from a driving or criminal record after so many years. This is a common belief, but one that is also false.

State Laws

DUI laws vary by state; in one state a DUI charge might actually be expunged from a driving record after seven or 10 years if an individual doesn't have any other charges during that time. Other states do not have any such laws, and in those states, a DUI could remain on the driving record for far longer, if not permanently.

Permanent Default

Some states operate with a "permanent default" mindset when it comes to DUIs. In this case, a DUI will never be removed from a driving record regardless of the length of time.

Expunging a DUI

Individuals who want to challenge a previous DUI conviction can sometimes challenge to expunge their records of a DUI by hiring an attorney and challenging the mark. Individual state laws, circumstances and ability of the attorney will determine whether or not this course of action is feasible.


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