Halfway Houses for Ex-Cons in Utah

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For many ex-convicts, leaving prison presents many challenging transitions. Often, state and local authorities will operate halfway houses to help facilitate a former prisoner's re-introduction into society.

There are three primary halfway houses devoted to this purpose in Utah. All three are located in what the Utah Department of Corrections has classified as Region 3 (around Salt Lake City). They offer a variety of services and forms of support to help ex-convicts achieve a positive life transitions.

Bonneville CCC

The Bonneville Community Corrections Center is one of Utah's halfway houses for ex-convicts. It is a facility that only houses men and can serve about 70 people at any given time. It currently has a special program for the recovery and re-assimilation of convicted sex-offenders.

Residents are always under the supervision of a staff of corrections officers. Bonneville also holds a contract with Utah to collaborate with the Center for Family Development, thus offering an opportunity for previous offenders to solidify and renew their most-important relationships.

Bonneville Community Correctional Center 1141 South 2475 West Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Phone: 801-977-5440 Fax: 801-977-5442

Fremont CCC

The CCC in Fremont can serve around 60 residents. It has more room for sex-offenders than the Bonneville facility, but it also holds 18 beds specifically for the mentally challenged. The standard time frame for former sex-offenders to remain at Fremont is typically a year to 18 months. Fremont is available not only to parolees, but to those on probation, as well. The staff at Fremont tries to adjust expectations and lengths-of-stay to the individual resident.

Adult Probation and Parole Fremont CCCC 2588 West 2365 South West Valley City, UT 84119 Phone: 801-978-4500 Fax: 801-975-7720

Orange Street CCC

Orange Street CCC is located in Salt Lake City. It provides a full-time residence for ex-convicts and also offers courses in a number of areas, such as finance, employment and other issues of importance to former prisoners.

Orange Street also houses the Women's Treatment and Resource Center. Significant recent expansions in personnel and funding have allowed the center to focus intently on rehabilitating women. Attention is placed on trauma and familial and psychological recovery as they accompany a woman's re-entry into society.

Adult Probation and Parole Orange Street CCCC

80 South Orange Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84116 Phone: 801-596-6300 Fax: 801-363-8317


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