How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Georgia?

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The cost of a divorce in Georgia varies based on several factors. Filing fees vary by county. The cost of your divorce will also vary depending on whether it is contested and how much your lawyer, if you have one, charges for their services.

Filing Fees

An attorney's services are recommended in pursuing a Georgia divorce.
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The cost of filing your divorce petition will vary by county in Georgia, though in all counties it will cost at least $100 (as of September, 2010). Contact your county district court to find out the specific fees for filing for divorce in your county.

Attorney Fees

An attorney can help divorcing spouses reach agreement.
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While it is possible to obtain your own divorce in Georgia, it is often recommended that the parties hire an attorney. There are a number of legal documents, including the settlement agreement, required for a divorce in Georgia. Depending on your attorney, your fees could run into the thousands of dollars.

Specific Circumstances

Disputes over child custody or property can impact divorce costs.
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The specific circumstances of your divorce will also influence your divorce costs. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, whether there are children from the marriage or whether there is disagreement about child custody or distribution of assets will impact the settlement. If your divorce is contested or involves complicated custody issues, expect your costs to be higher.


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