How to Report Disability Income Fraud in Missouri

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A person unable to perform work in Missouri due to a disability may receive government benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits to those who meet income limits and have a proven disability which interferes with the ability to perform work.

An employee who has been injured or disabled on the job may receive worker's compensation through the Missouri Department of Labor. If you believe someone has provided false information regarding income or the ability to work and is receiving benefits fraudulently, there are several options for reporting the crime in Missouri.

File a complaint by phone or mail with the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit of the Missouri Department of Labor if you believe someone who is receiving worker’s compensation benefits has provided false information.Examples of false information include the extent of the injury or disability, ability to work or claiming a non-work related injury.

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Division of Worker's Compensation Fraud and Noncompliance Unit P.O. Box 1009 Jefferson City, MO 65102-1009 800-592-6003

Report fraud to the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you know someone receiving disability income who may have provided false information to qualify for benefits. Examples include misrepresenting the extent of a disability or not reporting income or work activity. File a report by mail, phone or fax. A form is also available on the SSA website which may be submitted electronically.

Social Security Fraud Hotline P.O. Box 17768 Baltimore, Maryland 21235 800-269-0271 410-597-0118 Fax

Provide as much information as possible about the beneficiary and the alleged fraud to aid subsequent criminal investigation. Reports may be filed anonymously if you choose. However, the inability of investigators to contact you for further information may impede the investigation.



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