Oklahoma Sales Tax Relief

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The Oklahoma Sales Tax Relief Act, which became effective in 2007, provides a tax refund of $40 to certain citizens of Oklahoma. To qualify for the refund you must reside in the state for the entire calendar year, have limited income or receive benefits from qualifying assistance programs.

Income Limits

According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, to receive the sales tax refund your household gross income must fall within the following limits: $20,000 or less if you are single or married with no dependents or $50,000 or less if you are married with dependents, 65 or older or disabled.

Medicaid and State Supplemental Program Payments

You qualify for the tax refund if you are blind, disabled, or aged and reside in an Oklahoma nursing facility that is paid for with Medicaid funds. You also qualify if you receive benefits from the State Supplemental Payment Program.

Guideline for Individuals Who Recieve TANF Funds

If you receive benefits from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families you do not qualify for the sales tax refund because your payments included sales tax relief funds.


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