How to Change My Name After a Divorce in Georgia

By Derrell Legrear
Once your name is changed, you will need to order new credit cards and checks with the correct name

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When your marriage ends, you may want to restore your maiden name as quickly as possible. Your last name is not automatically changed after a divorce is finalized. Some women prefer to keep their former spouse's last name, but if you wish to change your last name, you must follow the proper procedure. In Georgia, the process of changing your name after a divorce is relatively simple. Two documents in a divorce allow you to request your last name be changed back to your maiden name.

Obtain the Complaint for Divorce from your Georgia county courthouse. This is your initial pleading that is filed in the court. You will need to complete all the required paperwork and provide the proper documentation. According to O.C.G.A. § 19-5-16, you are able to make the request to restore your maiden name, but it is not final until your divorce is finalized.

Inform the judge by making the statement in the Final Judgment and Decree. You will be given a packet of paperwork to fill out for the divorce. Before you can file the papers, you must complete the Final Judgment and Decree. This specifically asks the court to restore your maiden name.

List your maiden name in the Final Judgment and Decree. In many Georgia divorces, the parties do not have to attend court. It is required that you list the last name you want restored in the Final Judgment and Decree. Once your divorce case is finalized, the judge will the sign the Final Judgment and Decree, restoring your last name.

Obtain a certified copy of the Final Judgment. You should receive a copy of the judgment in the mail. If you used an attorney, contact the attorney for a copy. If you did not receive one, contact the clerk's office.

Visit the Social Security office in your area to have your name changed on your Social Security card. You must bring the Final Judgment to apply for the name change.

Bring the new Social Security card or temporary card to the Department of Motor Vehicles.To have your name changed on your driver's license, you will need to bring the Social Security card with your maiden name restored or the temporary card provided along with certified copy of your Final Judgment.

Contact your bank and inform other important parties of the change. Change your last name with your bank, credit card companies and all other companies with your information on file. If they require documentation, mail copies of your Final Judgment and new driver's license.

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