Government Assisted Housing for Seniors

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Seniors often face challenge related to limited financial resources as they age. Finding affordable housing options can be a challenge, but there are several different options for government-assisted housing that seniors can take advantage of.

Public Housing

Seniors who meet the income and resource requirements may qualify for public housing assistance through HUD. (Housing and Urban Development) This entitles them to live in rent-subsidized apartments and houses managed by local federally funded Housing Agencies.

Senior Living Apartments

Many cities offer apartment communities designed specifically for seniors, and in some cases, accept HUD or Section 8 rental vouchers from tenants. This type of housing provides seniors with the opportunity to live within their means while retaining their independence and interacting with other seniors at the same time.

Assisted Living Facilities

Senior citizens who qualify for Medicare benefits and/or VA benefits may have the option of living in an assisted living facility, designed to provide in-house medical care and services to elderly individuals at little or no cost.


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