Canada's Log Book Rules

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Canada law makes it mandatory for all professional drivers to fill out log books documenting their driving hours to stay in compliance with Hours of Service legislation.

Hours of Service Rules

Canadian commercial drivers must abide by specific driving rules. The hours a commercial driver may be on duty are referred to as hours of service. The hours of service a commercial driver is allowed to serve consecutively are determined by the number of hours or days they were off duty prior to the time of service.

Log Books

Commercial drivers are required by law to fill out daily log books in an effort to properly document hours of service and prove compliance with driving laws. The log books must include the date, 24-hour continuous line grids, the driver's name, odometer readings, vehicle license number, unit numbers, the carrier name and the driver's signature. The proper filling out of log books helps keep drivers safe by enforcing hours of service laws.


Drivers that violate hours of service or haven't properly filled out log books are subject to suspension. In cases where the hours of service laws were not adhered to, the driver is suspended for a period of 24 hours. If the driver had drugs or alcohol in his system, he will be suspended for three months. If convicted, he can be terminated as a commercial driver.



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