How to Obtain an Accident Report in North Carolina

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In North Carolina accident reports are obtainable as early as 24 hours after the accident, depending on the county in which the accident occurs. The person inquiring about a report needs to know one of the following pieces of information: report number, report date, driver's name or location of accident.

The officer who filed the report will have this information. A person can travel to or call the county police department with this information to obtain an accident report for free, or, for a small fee payable via credit card, he may go online and view the report.

Left click on the image of North Carolina on the Police Reports website. A list of police departments on the east coast appears alphabetized by state. Follow the prompts, enter in one of the following pieces of information in the boxes on the left hand side of the screen: report number, report date, driver's name, or location of accident, and continue to click through the remaining instructions to purchase the report.

Visit the police department directly if your city does not appear on the online service's website. If you are not in the area, you may have to hire a paralegal or a local law student to get the report for you.

Order the accident report online if the police department has an online database. Many city departments do. You usually need at minimum the accident report number, but you may also need the name, date and exact location. Follow the police department database's online instructions. There is usually a small fee involved.


  • Some North Carolina accident reports may not be available, especially those from a number of years ago, depending on the police department database.



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