How to Customize a Free Lease Agreement

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Lease agreement forms and templates are available on the Internet for free through real estate investment companies and real estate law firms. These are typical rental agreement forms with blanks for specific information pertaining to the owner and leaser and responsibilities of both parties. The documents leave room for amendments or specifications stipulated by state or local governments.

Print at least two copies of a free lease agreement from a real estate website (see the Resources section).

Bring the rental agreement document to your local courthouse or to a real estate attorney. Ask about any stipulations required by state and local laws, and how they must be written on the lease agreement form. Modify the form as necessary by adding amendments or crossing out descriptions that do not legally apply.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate information from the rental application of your chosen tenant on two copies of the lease form. Use a pen with blue or black ink. Write the property address and names of all persons who will be living in the dwelling. Write in your rental amount, the due date, late fees, lease period, deposit amount and all other applicable owner/tenant information. Include any specific rules such as a pets policy. Cross out any paragraphs on the free document that do not pertain to your property or tenant.

Review all parts of the rental agreement, explain them to your tenant and be sure he understands exactly what's involved. Sign both copies of the lease in the presence of the tenant and have her sign them at that time. Give one copy to your new tenant and keep the other for your records.


  • Print rental application forms for free also, and ask all prospective tenants to fill one out.



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