How to Change the Name on a Marriage License in Florida

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Your Florida marriage license is an essential document that allows you to not only pursue marriage in the state, but also to provide your marriage official and clerk of court with the proper information to make your marriage legally binding. Incorrect information on the marriage license, like a misspelled name, can have rippling effects that hinder your ability to legally change your name on government-issued identification and social security cards at Florida Health and Human Statistics Offices. Make name changes on your marriage license to avoid time-consuming problems in the future.

Gather the necessary documents and information needed to identify yourself in a county clerk's office. Locate your social security number and that of your spouse, your driver's license, and the original marriage license, if possible.

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Locate the Florida clerk of court nearest to your home in order to arrange for a license change. The Florida Department of State lists clerks of court by county.

Contact the clerk of court and request a name change on your marriage license. Provide the clerk with your name, social security number, and date of birth. The clerk will file a request to reprint your license.

Visit the clerk of court handling your marriage license change in order to pick up the corrected marriage license. The Florida Department of State does not allow the mailing of marriage documents to your home.


  • Depending on the workload of the county clerk's office, marriage license changes may occur the same day they are requested, or could possibly take a week or more. Allow enough time for the changes to take place before your wedding.


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