How to File for Divorce in Kansas City, Missouri

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The initial step to take when you decide to pursue a divorce in Kansas City, Missouri is to understand how to file for dissolution of marriage. The process includes obtaining the appropriate paperwork and identifying the correct court to pursue your divorce case.

Go to the circuit courthouse in the Kansas City, Missouri, county where you reside. Kansas City is located in parts of four counties: Jackson, Clay, Cass and Platte. A divorce is filed in the county where you or your spouse resides. The largest part of Kansas City proper is in Jackson County.

Request a petition for dissolution of marriage form from the circuit court clerk. Missouri circuit court clerks typically maintain the basic forms needed to file and pursue a divorce for people without lawyer.

Complete the petition for dissolution of marriage, including inserting information about you, your spouse and any children born during the marriage. State the reason you desire to terminate the marriage. For example, irreconcilable differences is a grounds for divorce in Missouri.

Execute the petition. A petition for dissolution of marriage in Missouri must be verified. This means it is signed on your oath in front of a notary public, according to Missouri Revised Statutes.

Return to the clerk of the circuit court in your county and file the completed petition. You pay the required filing fee at this time. The amount of the fee varies from one circuit to another. The clerk maintains current fee information.

Request the circuit court clerk to direct the county sheriff to serve the petition on your spouse.


  • Missouri divorce law and procedure represent complicated legal matters. Seriously consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in your case.



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