How to File for Divorce in Texas Online

By Jessica Lutjemeyer

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Filing for divorce online in Texas is possible when the proper steps are taken, which requires preparation and planning. An advantage of filing online is that hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees can be saved. According to Divorce Law Texas, there are two grounds for a no-fault divorce in Texas. One is insupportability, which is when the relationship between the married couple is deemed irreparable. The other is living apart without cohabitation for a three-year period.

Find an informational book at a local bookstore, library or website that is specifically about divorce in Texas. A judge is unlikely to accept hard copy divorce forms, however. The book is merely to serve as a guide throughout the process of filing for divorce. Some suggested books include "How to do Your own Divorce in Texas, 2009-2011: A Complete Kit," "Lone Star Divorce: The NEW Edition" and "File for Divorce in Texas with CD, 5E (How to File for Divorce in Texas)."

Search online for a website that offers divorce forms specific to the state of Texas. Divorce forms vary from one state to the next, so generic forms do not actually apply everywhere, despite what a company might claim. For example, according to No Fault Div's website, California and Florida are states that use check box divorce forms, in which an individual checks boxes that pertain to him or her. Texas, on the other hand, does not use check box forms and they're not typically accepted by a judge. The proper forms are available at websites including divorcelawtexas.com/index.asp, edivorcepapers.com/texas-divorce-forms-and-papers.html and texasdivorcepapers.com/.

Verify that the set of forms has thorough instruction on how to properly fill them out. Texas has specific rules and requirements on how to correctly fill out the divorce forms. Filling them out without instructions could result in them being rejected by a judge.

Make sure the forms are electronic and that the fields can be filled in using a word processor on a computer. Hand-written or fill-in-the-blank divorce forms are not accepted in Texas.

Determine whether the computer used during the filing process is compatible with the electronic divorce forms. No Fault Div says that, generally, forms that are PDF files are more difficult to fill out as opposed to word processors like Microsoft Word.

Find out if the divorce form website offers technical support if something goes wrong. If a problem with any of the documents occurs, then the site's staff can help. Remember, however, that it is illegal for the company to offer any legal advice.

Fill out the divorce complaint form and file it with the District Clerk of the inhabited county. To find the correct district clerk, visit texasclerks.org/assoc/cms. In Texas, this form is also known as the Original Petition for Divorce. When filing, bring the certified marriage certificate, which can be acquired at the city hall where the marriage occurred. The case is then assigned to a court. After the courthouse processes the petition, it is served to the spouse.

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