How to Get a Quick Divorce in Texas

By Renee Booker

If you live in Texas and have decided to proceed with a divorce from your spouse, you may want the divorce to be over a quickly as possible. While some divorce cases take months or even years to resolve, it is possible to complete a divorce in Texas in just over 60 days.

Confirm that you or your spouse meet the residency requirements. One of you must have lived in Texas for the six months immediately preceding the filing of the petition and in the county where you plan to file for the last 90 days.

Prepare a petition for divorce. Free forms can be found on the Texas LawHelp website. (see Resources)

Prepare a waiver of service for your spouse to sign. This form allows you to skip the required service of process on your spouse by having him acknowledge receipt of a copy of the petition, thereby saving time. File the waiver form with the court.

Wait the mandatory 60 days required in Taxes before a divorce can be finalized. Request a final hearing from the court while waiting if one has not been assigned to you already.

Prepare a final decree that addresses all issues in the divorce. A free form can also be found on the Texas LawHelp website (see Resources). Have your spouse sign the decree and present the decree to the judge at your hearing for the judge to sign.

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