Texas Food Stamp Program Eligibility Requirements

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The Texas Health and Human Services Commission offers food assistance to low-income individuals through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also referred to as the food stamps program. If you reside in Texas and qualify, you may apply for food stamps at your local Health and Human Services Commission office. All requirements listed in this article are accurate as of June 2010.

Emergency Benefits

You may receive your benefits within seven days of your application if you qualify for emergency benefits. According to Texas Health & Human Services Commission, to qualify, your household must have no more than $100 in resources, $150 in monthly income, and income and resources that are less than necessary expenses such as rent and utilities, or you must be a migrant or seasonal farm worker with $100 or less in resources and "very little income."

Maximum Benefits

The maximum benefit amount for an individual is $200. The maximum amount for a household size of two is $367, three is $526, four is $668, five is $793, six is $952, seven is $1,052 and eight is $1,202. For each additional person, add $150 to determine the maximum benefit amount.

Period of Eligibility

If you are between the ages of 18 and 50 and do not have a disability, your benefits will likely be limited to three months in a three year period. This period may be extended if you are employed or involved in a job training program. Individuals over age 50, under age 18, and those with disabilities, do not have a limited period of eligibility.

Income and Resources

You must meet income and resource limits to qualify for food stamps. Complete the online Food Stamp Benefit Estimator to determine whether or not your income and resources meet the guidelines.



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