How to Get an Out-of-State Restraining Order

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If you have set forth a restraining order against an abusive person, you are protected under the federal mandate that all active restraining orders that were made within the United States remain active within any of the other states. This means that even if you made a restraining order in one state and moved to another, it is possible for you to register your protection in the new state. This will make all agencies of law enforcement within the state aware of your information.

Obtain a certified copy of your restraining order. You can get this via the clerk's office in the same court where you originally had your order made. However, it can also be done by mail if you no longer live near the same court.

Locate and visit the nearest clerk's office to your new location. Request the correct form so that you may register your out-of-state order.

Fill out the form, which will require that you provide the details of your restraining order, in addition to providing detailed information about the identity of the person against whom the restraining order was filed.

Make two copies of your completed form in addition to your restraining order. Send all three copies to the clerk's office. Ask the clerk when you will be able to receive your form that states your restraining order has been instated.

Visit a local police department and give officers a copy of your restraining order. This will allow them to register the information into their computer system.


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