Reasons for an Eviction in Florida

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Reasons for eviction are basic by each individual state. The state of Florida mandates the reasons for tenants being evicted. If a tenant is evicted he is compelled by the landlord of a rental dwelling to leave the premises. Florida law states a landlord cannot remove a tenant from his dwelling without going through the court system. While there are feasible reasons for evictions in the state of Florida, tenants cannot be evicted without a judge’s order.

Nonpayment of Rent

Once the tenant misses a monthly rental payment, the landlord must present a notice and wait three days. The notice to vacate the premises must be delivered by mail, in person or at the residence. This notice states rent amount due and deadline for payment. If rent is paid within the three days, the landlord must stop eviction proceedings. If the landlord accepts rent after three days, he gives up the right to evict. If rent is not paid within the three-day window and the unit is not vacated, the landlord can proceed with the eviction.

Violating Rental Rules

Tenants must abide by the lease agreement and the Landlord/Tenant Law to remain on rental premises. According to the Landlord/Tenant Law, tenant breaches are either curable or noncurable. If it's curable, the tenant has the chance to solve the problem. A curable breach might be unauthorized pets or guests. Noncurable means intentional damage, destruction or misusing the landlord or other tenants. In the case of noncurable breaches, the Florida landlord must simply leave a note stating the breach and termination of the lease. Based on the breach, the tenant has seven days to vacate the rental premises. If the premises are not vacated within the seven-day window, the landlord can start eviction proceedings.


In the case of abandonment, the tenant can be evicted if she leaves the premises for more than one-half of the rental time period without paying rent or giving a written notice that the tenant will be away from the dwelling during that time. Without the tenant paying rent or providing notice, evictions proceedings are implemented.


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