How to Get a Restraining Order Dismissed in California

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No matter the circumstances, you or someone you know may have felt the need to take out a restraining order against another person. Reasons for this usually boil down to a need to feel safe or simply result from a demonstrated threat from another person. There are times, however, when the situation changes and the person against whom the order was taken is no longer a threat or an action against them is unnecessary. The state of California has made provisions for such cases.

Fill out the form up to the "Notice of Hearing" section (The clerk of the court fills out that section). State the date you want the order vacated and why you wish to dismiss the order.

Take the completed form to the nearest Superior Court-Family Law Courthouse in your area. Visit the California Superior Court Web site to find the nearest court. You can also mail the form to the clerk of the court, but you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Receive the hearing date. Appear at the hearing. The court hears the case, and if the judge grants your request, you will receive a copy of the court order after the hearing. When the order is signed by the judge, the restraining order will be removed from the CLETS or the Law Enforcement Telecommunication System.


  • When searching for the Superior Court in your area, use the county you live in as a reference point. There are no fees for dismissing a restraining order.



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