How to Find Past W2 Forms

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If you have ever had a job, you have probably received a W-2. For most jobs, your employer gives you a W-2 once a year so that you can report your income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS considers a W-2 personal tax records. The IRS recommends that you keep copies of old tax documents for your presonal records. If you lose a copy of your records, you can submit a request to the IRS for another copy.

Pull up Form 4506 from the Internal Revenue Service website (see Resources). You can fill out the information online and print the Form, or you can just print the Form and fill it out by hand.

Fill out the form. The information you need to fill out on the form is your name, social security number, address and your spouse's information if you filed a joint tax return. On line 6, you need to fill out the tax return requested as W-2. You can use this form to request other tax documents as well. On line 7, list the dates for requested W-2's. For example, if you are missing your W-2 for the 2007 work year, write 12/31/2007 on line 7. You can request up to eight W-2s on one form. If you need to list additional years, you must attach another form.

Include a check or money order made out to the "United States Treasury" for $57 (as of 2010) for each return requested. In the memo line of the check or money order, write "Form 4506 request."

Sign the Form after printing the document.

Mail the form to the appropriate location pursuant to the instructions on page 2 of the Form.


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