How to Find Iowa Court Records

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In the state of Iowa, you may access limited information on most types of court cases by doing an online search. Information that is deemed public information will be available to you. Records that may not be available include juvenile cases, very old case information and specific information about a case that is considered confidential.

Go to the Iowa Courts online search page and click "Start a case search here." Click "Case Search." If you need more up-to-the-minute details regarding a case, sign up as a registered user, which includes a monthly fee. As a registered user, you can click on and use "Advanced Case Search."

Enter either a name, the case ID information or the citation number. The available case information will be shown immediately.


Visit the county clerk in person for information on cases that were disposed of prior to the inception of the online case search system.



  • Make sure you enter the names correctly as the system is sensitive to misspellings.


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