How to Give Up a Father's Parental Rights in Ohio

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In the case of adoption, a father can easily relinquish his rights through a notarized statement consenting to the adoption and signing of the Statement Concerning Ohio Laws and Adoption Materials. However, if a father wants to relinquish his rights to avoid paying child custody, he may have a more difficult time. While he can sign away his rights regarding visitation or decisions on behalf of the child, he may still be required to provide financial support to the child.

Contact an attorney knowledgeable about adoption or child custody law. In the case of adoption, he can create a statement regarding your relinquishment of rights and consent to adoption. If you're a noncustodial parent wanting to relinquish rights and financial responsibility, an attorney will be able to help you determine if that's possible in your case.

Sign and fill out the form regarding the Statement Concerning Ohio Laws and Adoption Materials. With this form you consent or deny access to information about you by the adopted child when he turns 18 (with adoptive parent consent) or 21 or older.

Attend a hearing at court. Depending on the age of the child and other circumstances, you may be asked to appear before a judge regarding the relinquishment of your rights. You'll be asked questions about your reasons for relinquishing as well as making sure you've been made aware of your rights in the proceedings. If the judge is satisfied with the situation, he can sign the termination order.


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