States That Grant Quick Divorces

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A quick divorce is relative to the time frame in which a party expects said divorce to occur. Few states, at this time, grant an immediate divorce without certain qualifications, such as residency, separation, or parenting and financial plans in place. The details of each case, too, will help determine how quickly the divorce is granted.


Nevada divorce laws, possibly the most well-known, do require a six-week residence within the state if one's marriage had not been performed within its borders, but the divorce itself can be finalized within days. Nevada also recognizes "no fault" divorce, in which either party may file without documented reasons for ending the marriage.


California requires that the party filing for divorce be in residence for at least six months prior to the filing. One cannot move to California and immediately file for divorce, and the time between filing and the granting of the final decree can be within weeks -- as in the case of a summary judgment -- or many months, if the case involves property and/or children.


The state of Maryland requires both a one-year residency and a one-year separation of the parties. This can be done in tandem if, for example, the filing party moves to Maryland, leaving the other spouse behind. The responding spouse has up to 90 days in which to contact the courts, and the time frame of further proceedings will be, of course, dependent upon many variables. There is, however, no waiting period for remarriage after a divorce has been granted.

North Carolina

North Carolina also requires a six-month residency and a one-year separation of the couple in question. Legal separation is not necessary, but the couple must maintain separate residences and live apart during this time. There is a 30-day requirement for response from the spouse being served, but the divorce is final on the day the judgment is entered into record.


Guam is a recognized US territory, and divorces granted in this jurisdiction are legal in all 50 states. Both parties must agree to the divorce, and at least one spouse must spend seven days in Guam immediately preceding the filing of the petition. Support, custody, and property issues may be agreed upon at this time, or filed after the divorce is granted in the jurisdiction in which the parties reside.

Dominican Republic

While not a US state, the Dominican Republic offers divorce to couples from any country. There are no residency requirements, but both parties must agree to divorce and one spouse must attend the hearing. Prior to the hearing, both must sign the equivalent of a separation agreement, valid in the jurisdiction in which they reside, which includes disposition of property and custody and support arrangements. The divorce will usually be finalized within two weeks, and must also be authenticated by a US embassy official.



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