How to Get a Concealed Weapon Permit in Florida

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Florida allows residents to carry concealed weapons or firearms if they obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons permit or if they hold a permit from one of the 34 states on the reciprocity list. Before obtaining a Florida permit for a concealed weapon, you must complete a firearms training course and your fingerprints must be registered electronically at a sheriff's office. To navigate the many restrictions placed on concealed weapons permits, there is an online questionnaire that can quickly determine your eligibility.

Fill out the online questionnaire (see References) to determine if you qualify for a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit. The questionnaire asks 30 questions mostly concerned with previous criminal or legal troubles.

Complete a firearms training course recognized by the state of Florida. Make sure to obtain documentation of satisfactory completion of the course, including issuer, date and name of instructor.

Get your fingerprints scanned electronically, either at a local sheriff's office or at a third-party scanner (see References). If your nearest sheriff's office does not have a scanner, someone there can direct you to the nearest office that does. You must keep your receipt because it will contain information requested by the Concealed Weapons Permit application.

Download and complete the Concealed Weapon Or Firearm License Application (see References). To complete the application you will need to supply a color photograph and documentation of your electronic fingerprints and firearm training. You will also be asked to supply documentation about any past criminal, legal or medical issues you might have. The application is accompanied by detailed instructions to help you provide the right documents and information.


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