How to Apply for a Long Island Firearms License

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Gun laws are a controversial subject. In New York and Long Island, anyone that wants a handgun must get a license. Any gun store in Long Island requires proof that you have obtained a license before it sells a handgun of any kind. Applying for a Long Island firearm license is a fairly easy process.

Step 1

Wait until the age of 21. Anyone younger than 21 is rejected immediately.

Step 2

Obtain a copy of the Pistol License Applicant Questionnaire. You can print this from the Internet (click on the link in the Resource section) or obtain one from the police department. The police departments in Long Island can give copies of license applications to citizens.

Step 3

Fill out the form. The form requires information about your criminal history, mental illness history and personal information.

Step 4

Sign the form at a notary. For the application to go through, it needs to be notarized.

Step 5

Send the form with the licensing fees to the local licensing bureau. The address varies, depending on the county.


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