How to File for Divorce for Free in Florida

By Mike Broemmel
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Filing for divorce in Florida requires the proper application of the laws of the Sunshine State. You must also understand the basic court procedures associated with divorce in the state as well. As you contemplate filing for divorce in Florida, you may wonder whether it is possible to pursue the case for free. There are resources and strategies to employ that permit you to file for divorce without paying money.

Determine whether you want to represent yourself in your divorce case. Provided your income--or lack of--permits, you can also seek free legal representation from either a legal aid organization in Florida or from a Florida law school clinic. Both of these types of organizations provide free legal representation to individuals seeking divorces based on a consideration of their incomes.

Apply for representation through a legal aid organization or a law school clinic if you make that decision. The application forms essentially request basic information about your income as well as facts about your divorce case.

Obtain a Petition for Divorce form from the clerk of the circuit court in the county where you or your spouse reside. Make certain you receive the guidelines for completing the form as well.

Fill out the Petition for Divorce form. The information you provide includes basic information about you and your spouse, the date and location of your marriage ceremony and the names and birth dates of any children born during the marriage.

Sign the petition form.

Obtain an affidavit of poverty and motion to waive fees from the clerk of the circuit court. Insert information regarding your financial situation on the affidavit. The affidavit must be signed in front of a notary public. Complete the motion form, which requests that the court forgo charging you a fee to file a divorce petition.

File the petition, affidavit of poverty and motion to waive fees with the clerk of the circuit court.

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