How to Get Handicapped Parking

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People living with pain and disability can make their lives a little easier by obtaining a handicapped parking permit. These permits allow disabled people to park in specially-marked parking spaces. Sparsely-populated states often issue handicapped parking permits for free. States with more people charge processing fees. Most states require a doctor's prescription or order along with your application before they issue a permit. In whichever state you reside, there are a few things you must do to get a permit.

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Make an Appointment with Your Doctor
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Make an appointment to see your doctor if you are in pain or have a disability of some kind. For the purposes of a handicap parking permit, your disability doesn't require you to be confined to a wheelchair or require an assistive device to move around. It could be a neurological problem, painful arthritis, a heart condition, diabetes or any other chronic condition. Your state will often list the conditions that qualify as a disability.

Step 2

Apply for Handicapped Parking Placard
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Get the application from your county license plate agency. You may also get many state applications online. You may need to take the application to your doctor so he can certify your condition on the application.

Step 3

Temporary Permit or Regular Permit
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Tell your doctor you would like to get either a temporary or regular handicapped parking permit for your condition. Temporary permits are usually issued for six months. Regular permits are often issued for up to four years at a time. Doctors will almost without exception happily complete the paperwork you need for your application to the state if you are eligible.

Step 4

Pay Permit Fees
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Indicate which type of permit you are applying for. Different fees may apply for various types of permits. Go to the permit office in your town or city with your completed application and your doctor's prescription or recommendation, pay the fees for the type of license you need and either get your handicapped placard at the office or wait for it to arrive in the mail.


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