How to Change a Name After a Marriage in Michigan

By R.J. Bowman
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The wedding is over. You've unpacked from the honeymoon. You are ready to settle into married life. If you have decided to change your last name, there's just one more thing you will need to do before your life of wedded bliss in the state of Michigan truly begins: get your name changed on a few important documents.

Visit your local Social Security office. Michigan requires that you change your name on your Social Security card before doing so on your driver's license and other legal documents. Bring an official, notarized copy of your marriage license to the office, along with your driver's license or state identification card, birth certificate and Social Security card. Fill out the required paperwork at the office. Your new card will come in the mail, but you will get a receipt to use as proof of your Social Security number until your card arrives.

Change your name on your official identification, whether that is a state ID or a driver's license. Visit a Secretary of State branch office with your new Social Security card, your current ID and your marriage license. You will need to fill out paperwork and have a new photo taken. The cost to change your name and get a new card was $9 as of 2010, although rates are subject to change at any time.

Bring your identification with your new name to your bank and the human resources office at your job. Show your new Social Security card and new ID in both places. Fill out any forms required to change your name on your bank accounts and your paycheck.

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