How to Change a Name After Marriage in Colorado

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Changing your name after marriage in Colorado is a simple but time-consuming operation. There are no formal legal procedures for taking your husband's last name--your marriage certificate serves as proof of your new name. You will have to inform the United States Social Security Administration, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, your bank and your employer of your name change in order to ensure that your legal identification and your social security information match. Any other organization that has your name on file will need to be updated as well, although these are generally not a high priority.

Request certified copies of your marriage certificate from the circuit court that granted your marriage license. Obtain multiple copies, as you will need to show the certificate to each organization with which you wish to change you name.

Download and print an application for a Social Security card from the SSA website listed in the "Resources" section of this article. Complete the form with your new name and bring it along with a certified copy of your marriage certificate and your U.S. passport or birth certificate to your local SSA office, which you can find with the other SSA resource listed in this article.

Take a copy of your marriage certificate and your current driver's license to your local Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles office. You will need to apply for a new driver's license or identification card--there is a $21 fee for a new card.

Visit your bank and request to have your name changed on your bank account. Bring a copy of your marriage certificate and your government-issued photo identification. The bank will usually need to take a copy of your marriage certificate for their records.

Inform your employer of your name change. They may require you to fill in some new employment or benefit forms. You may also have to write a letter to request that your name be updated on your health insurance--insurance companies will require a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of your current government-issued photo identification.


  • There are many organizations that you will likely have to contact to update your name. Most other organizations, such as utility providers, will be able to update your name over the phone.



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